About Us


We are a modern sushi restaurant direct from Kyushu in Japan, serving delectable, healthy Japanese cuisine; and we specialise in Aburi Sushi.

First of all, what is Aburi Sushi ? 

Aburi sushi is a style where the fish on the sushi is partly grilled on top by a flaming blowtorch.

What results ?

A succulent bite and creamy flavour from the partly grilled and partly raw fish, that is simply Oishi!


Why Aburi Sushi?

We want our sushi to be accessible to all people from every walk of life.

While some may have allergies or sensitivity to raw food, everyone is able to eat cooked food.

Hence we serve cooked or aburi sushi.

 Our Ethos

🍣    To always serve enjoyable, delicious food.

🍣    To always welcome customers with a smile.

🍣    To adhere strictly to food safety and sanitary regulations.

🍣    To greet and respond to customers positively and in a prompt manner.

🍣    To take personal ownership in our service and perform the best teamwork.


Where to Find Us?

We have been serving and sharing our love of great sushi in Kyushu for 20 years now.

We are so thrilled to embark on our quest of bringing our brand and passion for sushi to all the rest of the world – starting with Singapore ! 🇸🇬 



Flagship Store @ Westgate Mall (next to Jurong East MRT)

Aburi Sushi Heishirou

Outlets in Japan

We run 5 conveyor-belt sushi shops in Kyushu under Heishirou, and 2 bakery shops under Mugi No Kaori.

These stores have enjoyed great popularity with the local community because:

🌸   We support the local fresh produce, buying fresh fish from the market every morning.

🌸    We use only the freshest and finest ingredients.

🌸    Our stores provide a cosy and comfortable experience for our customers.

🌸    Our bakery uses authentic stone ovens made in Spain to bake bread that is softer and more flavourful.


aburiheishirou sushi

Mugi No Kaori